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David Jackson
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I am most excited about coming to Japan. This is the first time ever; it has always been an ambition to one day play in Japan! Some members of Van der Graaf; my friend Jakko (20th Century Schizoid Band); Hugh's brother who lives and works there; they all say Japan is great! And I already love Japanese food - when I can find it!

Back in the 1970s, when Van der Graaf Generator was famous, I chose the best saxophones I could find in London. I still play those same instruments today. My Soprano, Alto and Tenor were all made by Yamaha, so this trip will be a home-coming for them - a great emotion. I am sure they will play well for you, I really hope so anyway. I will be performing with those same famous saxophones, my flutes and whistles and various machines; I look forward to choosing a special repertoire from 'over the years' - and to performing some new pieces.

The Jaxon concert will be special and unique for other reasons too.

* I am sharing the concert with the famous Ikuko Suzuki; we shall play together to create something completely unique for you that will cross the bridges of culture and time.
* Peter Hammill and Stuart Gordon will be playing in Tokyo at the same time. I love to hear them play, and we have worked together on many projects over the years. But it is a rare privilege to see them play live with you.
* I am also hoping to make new contacts with regard to my work in the rather specialist field of music technology and disability. I use Soundbeams and Switches. I have trained several Japanese students in England and received the great Japanese doctor Yoshitaka Kasahara to my studio to advise him in his orthopaedic work with children. I have created performance projects in UK, Italy, Norway, Holland and Ireland with disabled musicians and the help of fans. Maybe one day I can also help in the disabled community in Japan - with your help too.
* It will be an inspiring time to be in Tokyo. I am looking forward to spending some time with my old friends and to meeting news friends, the many fans of our music over the years. To share feelings about the old (and new) music is a blessing that makes us all live outside our minds and suspend time itself.

I look forward to the fellowship of great music, shared feeling and culture.
See you there!

David Jackson